Arcade court with passage (12)

ArkadenhofThe beautiful arcade courts show the medieval ambiance of doors and windows framed in stone. The passage between Samt- and Böhmergasse is especially charming, before we draw our attention to the main square. To be mentioned in particular are the fire walls elevated on instruction of Emperor Maximilian I in the “Innsbruck” style, which were incorporated into building regulations after the two large fires of 1507 and 1516. Arkadenhof, BrunnenAt the other end of the passage you reach Böhmergasse. There are three ways now to reach our next stop on the sightseeing walk: pass the Böhmertor and turn right past the beautifully set out city park OR go through the castle alley (Schlossgasse) and downhill towards the playground OR across the main square and down the steps.  

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